Our Bookkeeping/Accounting fee structure for 2020/21

Package A:

  1. Bookkeeping to Trial Balance. (TB)
  2. This will be all entries in the Bookkeeping systems to obtain a proper TB.
  3. All bank statements must be provided in CSV format.
  4. Cash receipts must be scanned in and emailed to us on A4 size pages in PDF format.
  5. All the above-mentioned information must be emailed to info@dracc.co.za by the 5th of each month, in order for Drostdy Accounting Services to deliver it timeously. A normal completion date will be 15- 20th of the same month.
  6.  VAT declaration to SARS, as required by SARS. 
One SARS visit per annum included.          
 R1 950.00 PM



 Package B:

Will incorporate all work mentioned in package A, as well as doing the books to the Income Statement (IS) and, Balance Sheet (BS).

It will also include all SARS submissions, ie; PAYE, UIF, VAT Company TAX (Annually), IT14SD - Excluded.

Abbreviated Annual Financial Statements.

Total starting from R2 950.00 PM Neg.   Once off Clients R675.00 per hour


Package C: ("Once off" clients only)

Financial Statements onlyR4 500.00, +Submission to SARS, R7 000.00

Submissions only to SARS, R2 500.00. (Electronically – eFiling only) 

CIPC: Independent Review, as required. R4 500.00


We can tailor a fee structure to suit your specific business and budget.



Certification (Affidavit) for companies with a maximum turnover of R10,000,000.00 per annum.      



  1. Registration of a company. (company only R850.00) 
  2. Memorandum of Incorporation document. (MOI)
  3. Registration at SARS for tax purposes
  4. Income tax registration number
  5. BBEEE Affidavit
 R1 950.00

 VAT/PAYE/UIF Registration



 R95.00 per payslip

 Virtual Appointment (Via Zoom)


All other work will be quoted on.

All prices firm until end Feb 2023


Terms and Conditions apply to ALL fees.